Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cleveland Browns Bill Glass

Four-time Pro-Bowler Bill Glass starred for the Detroit Lions & Cleveland Browns. He played his college ball at Baylor. More importantly, he became a man of God and now spends his time witnessing to people behind bars. Learn more about that here: Behind the Walls

He was once a neighbor and lived behind us. After I was born my father placed a blue blanket out on the line to dry--this was to hip those in the know that a baby boy had been born. Bill congratulated my dad on it. (Not that I was or am a big deal haha!)

The card is a 1968 Topps. I believe that was my favorite year for football cards. I never had the set complete and don't think I have any at all right now; but maybe, if I win the Lottery someday, I'll snag that old set! There must be about a hundred cards form that set that I've never laid eyes on. If you know what the inserts were for that year, please let me know in the comments.

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